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Florida Van Conversions

ReeferTek USA is on the move again with a new design. Our internal walls are engineered to withstand pressure of 415 lb/ft2. Vans can be customized to accommodate electricians, HVAC, plumbers and any type of delivery needs. Our flexible, seamless and waterproof system is backed by a lifetime warranty. We make the coolest vans in […]

Cummings Leasing, Inc. and ReeferTek USA Form Strategic Alliance

Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 2019 – Cummings Leasing, Inc., a full-service transportation provider, based in Pompano Beach, FL is introducing ReeferTek USA refrigerated vehicles to their line of products. For over 30 years, Cummings Leasing has provided a range of transportation resources, contract maintenance and fleet services in South Florida. In an effort to expand […]

ReeferTek USA Introduces New Van Conversion to Reduce Fuel Consumption

Fort Lauderdale, FL, January 18, 2019 – ReeferTek USA, a national manufacturer of refrigerated vans, has introduced a revolutionary manufacturing process which minimizes total vehicle weight. Using innovative technology, lighter materials, and a proprietary production process, ReeferTek is able to reduce the conversion weight by 23.6%. A lighter vehicle consumes less fuel and in doing […]

ReeferTek USA Locates Manufacturing Facility in South Florida

ReeferTek USA, a national manufacturer of refrigerated vans, aims to expand its footprint in Florida by opening a state-of-the-art conversion facility in the greater Fort Lauderdale area.  ReeferTek utilizes a proprietary process for converting cargo vans and dry truck bodies into refrigerated vehicles. This latest ReeferTek facility will occupy over 44,000 square feet of commercial […]

ReeferTek Introduces National Reconditioning Service

To meet a growing demand for high quality used refrigerated vans, ReeferTek USA has announced their National Reconditioning Service. This program is specifically designed to help dealers sell more used refrigerated vans that meet new standards in delivery concept. By reconditioning the refrigeration compartments in existing vans (all makes and models), dealers will be able […]

ReeferTek Florida Ready for Growth in Home Delivery Refrigerated Vans

ReeferTek Florida is ready for the massive growth in Refrigerated Home Delivery Vans.  We’ve seen the number of requests from dealers and businesses in Miami and throughout the Southeast that are in the home delivery industry.  This field is expanding rapidly and ReeferTek is prepared to meet this growing demand. Home Delivery Refrigerated Vans for […]

Why the Metris Refrigerated Van is a great option for Florida

What do you get when you take a highly successful full-size van like the Sprinter, and downsize it by about a third? You get the all-new 2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris. The versatile Metris is a low-cost, mid-size van that does something the full-size Sprinter cargo vans can’t do… namely fit into the average parking garage. But […]

Florida Refrigerated Vans for Home Delivery

As more and more home delivery businesses are competing for market share, many of these organizations are relying on temperature-controlled refrigerated vans to facilitate the delivery process. From frozen foods, produce, meats and seafood to flowers and other products requiring cooler storage temperatures – ReeferTek refrigerated vans are the industry leading products. Only ReeferTek manufacturers […]

Save 10% on Your Refrigerated Van

ReeferTek Florida is featuring an exclusive discount to local dealers and businesses.  We are taking 10% off the standard rate for a fully converted refrigerated van. Whether the van is needed for home delivery, frozen goods, flowers, produce, or seafood, ReeferTek Florida will create the ideal van to get the job done right. We have […]

Electric Standby for Florida Refrigerated Vans

With the explosion in home delivery vehicles throughout Florida, it’s important to understand the benefit of electric standby for refrigerated vans. Precision controlled temperatures in refrigerated vans and home delivery vehicles is a necessity. Extended delivery routes, overnight storage and unexpected schedule changes can all impact the goods a business is transporting. This can put […]