Our Proprietary Process

Proprietary ProcessConversion
ReeferTek offers a unique refrigerated van conversion service. Our engineering team has developed and implemented an insulation that is light weight, cost effective and very durable, with one of the shortest build times in the industry. We can convert any make and model van into a refrigerated van, incorporating any bespoke requirements you may have.

Better By Design
Proprietary ProcessReeferTek is a long established manufacturer of refrigerated van conversions. We are commissioned by companies large and small to design and install conversions to their existing non refrigerated vehicles.

If you’re not 100% certain of the conversion you need, our trained sales team will make suggestions based on your daily requirements, together finalizing the suitable conversion and specification to encompass these requirements.

High density two-component foam insulation is then applied at least three inches thick (or according to your specifications), filling every crevice and cracks, thus guaranteeing a perfectly sealed thermo insulated product.

All of our products finish with  fast setting, state of the art high performance seamless coating liner.  This provides a flexible yet extremely tough monolithic membrane, completely water and chemical resistant and suitable for food delivery.

Because the most important reason for using a refrigerated van is to keep your cargo at a consistent control temperature, the need for specialized and quality temperature controlled transportation equipment is equally as essential.

All our conversions are covered by an industry leading 3 years warranty.

Refrigeration Systems
As with the type of insulation material used, the required refrigeration system is dependent upon certain criteria; loading temperature required, product being transported, number of drops per hour and so on.

We won’t blind you with science, but needless to say we will fit the right refrigerated system that will exceed your daily requirements.

Lead Time
We always have a team of insulation and and refrigeration engineers onsite at our production facility.  This means that work begins as soon as your van arrives with us. For this reason, we are proud to boast one of the shortest build times in the industry. While the build time depends upon the required conversion, you will be certain of a completion date prior to confirming your order.