ReeferTek Introduces Seamless Interiors for All Delivery Vehicles

Refrigerated Van ConversionThe transportation and home delivery business is all about efficiency.  How fast can orders be dropped off at a customer’s door?  The timeframe continues to shrink from two day to next day to same day delivery. Big box stores are competing with online retailers to capitalize on this growing trend.

While the convenience and timeliness of same day delivery is an attractive benefit, are there any safety concerns or potential risks?  For many electronic products, paper goods and similar merchandise, there may not be a high risk of spoiled goods or cross contamination.  However, issues can arise (for example) when food products are transported in the same vehicle that cleaning supplies had just been delivered.  If the vehicle is not properly washed or sanitized between shipments, there is a risk of contamination.

Through research, ReeferTek USA has discovered that many traditional delivery vehicles are simply not designed to be power washed.  They do not have seamless interiors.  There is not effective or efficient way to properly clean these vehicles between shipments.

Time is of the essence for delivery vehicles. It shouldn’t take hours to properly clean a delivery vehicle between shipments – it should take minutes. It should be a standard operating procedure that is done to remove any pollutants or debris left from the previous shipment. A quick power wash with hot water and cleaning solvents can accomplish this task in a matter of minutes.

ReeferTek USA is proud to introduce our seamless interiors which can be installed on make and model vehicle.  Our fast turnaround time ensures that the vehicle will be back on the road quickly. We understand that time is money – and keeping your vehicles on the road is our number one priority.

If you have any questions or would like a complimentary quotation on a seamless interior, please contact us today.